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Nisa Records is a record label that started shortly after Nisa got banned from YTMND in 2013. This record label is a subsidiary of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance.


While YouTube has blocked audio, and deleted channels over that, this dilemma would lead to creation of YTMND accounts such as NunicaMusicChannel, and Nisa, which would be a gesture of protest to Warner Music Group driving users away from YouTube, as well as a gesture to encourage a positive attitude about more reasons to use YTMND.

While the Nunica Internet Social Alliance offered activism to encourage more good reasons to use YTMND in late 2012 and early 2013, many trolls on YTMND would insult users who were activists of Nisa. This would lead to some YTMND accounts associated with Nisa being banned from YTMND.

This dilemma over alt accounts associated with Nisa being called out, and being seized by max would be the very inspiration to why Nisa Records even started in the first place.

Record lineup

See the Nisapedia Wiki to find out more

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