Due to the spam filter, the actual title is NIGGER POOP.

NIGGER POOP is a phrase that was sometimes said on YTMND.

The concept was started by the now-deleted YTMND user Kittyslasher back in 2012. Early renditions of the phrase involve

The concept was brought back to YTMND by user RogerKlotz in 2015. However, lots of sites bearing the phrase NIGGER POOP have been deleted by RogerKlotz as a response to FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser's spam of Internet links about SamuraiClinton since this was his panic fearing that it would make another user look racist.

Assets associted with NIGGER POOP

WARNING, some of these assets are "not safe for work", so its recommended that age 18 or over view these.

External links

Past site profiles associated with NIGGER POOP

Note: some archived sites don't exist as an actual site, but profiles can tap into their into:

Past users associated with NIGGER POOP

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