A music channel is a section of a YTMND user's sites, or even an entire site devoted to posting music.


The "music channel" concept started when NunicaMusicChannel uploaded random music tracks onto YTMND as "sites". Then other users such as Buffcoatmusicchannel, Superdreamkilla music channel, and JLurgMusicChannel followed suit. The creation of NunicaMusicChannel eventually lead to the creation of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance in 2012. Then YTMND users NunicaMusicChannel and Nisa disappeared from YTMND, and ended up going their own ways on other websites, such as YouTube, but even the YouTube chapter of NunicaMusicChannel shut down due to copyright strikes, but the Nisa movement still has its tactics so as to try to outshine its competitors.

In the modern day, YTMND user Suzanne has part of its account operating as a "music channel" with the "SMW:" prefix (meaning Salvo Music Waves). Currently, the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise is at stiff competition with the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, and is searching for special tactics so as to have Suzanne outshine Nisa.

As a fad

The Music channel fad started when former YTMND user NunicaMusicChannel started making sites that were portrayed as links to "songs" to listen to (though as a YTMND site they looped endlessly), so which the concept behind this was to generate site assets that one could download as an MP3 since at the time, YTMND was seen as an alternative to YouTube since lots of songs blocked on YouTube would not be blocked on YTMND, so long as MP3 site assets were under 8MB of filesize.

Music channel users

because it's incomplete, or could use more items.

Note: some "music channel" users represent a subset of sites.

Possible replacement to "music channels" on YTMND

Since the music channel fad has been prone to people DOWNVOTING sites, a new approach has been taken, so which sites in a more "casual" theme have been using full-length songs.

The Category for full songs that can be downloaded right from this wiki has been made by User:Rodanthe (aka YTMND user Suzanne) of this YTMND Wiki as an experimental replacement to "music channels" on YTMND in which one can simply just download MP3 site assets from YTMND, in which articles for songs on this Wiki can give a more user-friendly guide to downloading those songs. This initiative has been taken by the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise since free entertainment activist in general is the very thing that started this "music channel" fad, but is now take a new approach for the activism here on Wikia.

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