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Mumbo-Jumbo was a former YTMND user

from 2015-2017 that was known for his purposely poorly-made website design and "lack of self-control" when it came to PMs and the YTMND Chat, which would be part of the The Mumbo-Jumbo PM Spam Incident Of 2015.

He deleted his account in late 2017 due to the state of YTMND.



Mumbo-Jumbo's first avatar.

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Mumbo-Jumbo's last avatar.

His avatar was originally a Desert Ranger from the video game Wasteland 2, but was later changed to a Desert Ranger from the video game Fallout: New Vegas, and eventually his avatar was later changed to Fritz the Cat.

Victim of harassment

YTMND user vtech has harassed Mumbo-Jumbo for being a "Suzanne alt". This is a serious issue on YTMND since Mumbo-Jumbo is NOT an alt of Suzanne. With Mumbo-Jumbo being one of the many innocent users who has been falsely accused of being a "Suzanne alt", it has proved that loyalty to Suzanne is now a liability on YTMND, of which YTMND user Suzanne even quit because a real life activist of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise (whom prefers to remain anonymous) was even stalked by a YTMND troll.

Random facts about Mumbo-Jumbo

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