Moon man HIMSELF

Moon Man is the almighty God of the Omniverse and the rightful ruler of

Moon man is the most racist being in existence and is the master of killing niggers, jews, spics, muslims, chinks, faggots, atheist, communist, race traitors, feminist, liberals and anyone who dare stand in his way.

Moonie mad

Moon man is Awesome

Moon man is so awesome no humanly words can describe. Moon man deserves the most respect just like you respect your mother but 1,000,000 times more and Moon man requires to rape your mother as a sacrifice to your loyalty to him. He also burnt down your house and shot your dog. (too bad)

Moon man is so fucking awesome

Most people do not understand how fucking awesome Moon man is and will dismiss him as a minor YTMND fad. Even those who follow him closely are guilty of this and the one thing farkle was dead right about was how the individual honored Moon man. To be on the safe side please worship and dedicate your pathetic existence towards Good ol Moon man.


See also

  • Moon KKKrew
  • Max Goldberg Moon man's pathetic mortal rival.
  • Barack Obama - Best friends of Max Goldberg and an evil socialist nigger who rivals Santabot.
  • Plankton - an evil jihadist who plans to spread Islam on YTMND and stop Mr. Krabs.
  • Black Santabot Moon mans best friend has an evil doppelganger

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