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Max Avatar

an avatar to portray Max Goldberg, as well as YTMND user max with.

max is the username used by Max Goldberg himself on YTMND.

Other nicknames

  • Macks
  • Marx
  • Maxzanne (could he be a Suzanne activist?)

Suzanne activist?

Some weirdos who pose to be "max" on YTMND chat will make it appear like he claims to be a Suzanne activist, and others who claim to be "max" will say that Suzanne is being scheduled for a ban. So this puts max's reputation in question.

But in August 2015, max made a cameo appearance on the album cover of SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK VOLUME 2.

But since max actually banned Suzanne from YTMND, as well as Moon Crew members prior to that, this has proven that max is not a real activist of any activist group.


  • "You guys need mental help.", said on YTMND chat in December 2015 on the night when JoshCube got deleted, alongside SantabotAI and DrewPickles (aka JohnnyLurg)
  • "You're a fuckin' nutjob, go away", said on YTMND chat in October 2016

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