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Lurgzanne is a portmanteau word that refers to both Johnny Lurg and Suzanne (Zanne by itself is commonly used in portmanteau words).

Since YTMND user Suzanne has been mistaken as a JohnnyLurg alt early on in Suzanne's YTMND career, it inspired the idea of coining the name "Lurgzanne". This notion even lead to the idea of Supremo Zanne using "Lurgzanne" as a username on many other websites.

Slang term

"Lurgzanne" is a slang term for users who both support JohnnyLurg and are an activist of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise

Future YTMND username?

Supremo Zanne at one time recommended the idea of JohnnyLurg claiming the username Lurgzanne during a campaign which involved encouraging more -zanne suffix usernames to be claimed, but he was reluctant since he didn't want any further suspicions on himself having more alt accounts. The all-famous YTMND user Suzanne also considered claiming this username for a replacement account, but was also reluctant for similar reasons. But just the idea of any YTMND account having "Lurg" in part of it would arouse suspicion in general. As a secondary reason, Lurg likely refused to claim this Lurgzanne username since his past friendship with Locke5 rendered him hesitant as per Locke5's alleged hate for names related to Suzanne in general.

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