letsago is a YTMND user. He is part of the Partyy Mouse crew. He is also a member of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance, along with the Suzanne movement.


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Proposed soundtrack album

main article: Unnamed soundtrack album for letsago

A soundtrack album for letsago's sites is being proposed. It is likely to either be released under the Suzanne Records, or Intrepid Records label, since letsago is an activist of both movements.

and here are some working titles for the proposed album:

  • letsago's SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK, proposed to fit the theme of the SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK SERIES
  • letsago's Intrepid Soundtrack, proposed as another project for Intrepid Records
  • letsago's Greatest Hits, title may be used if a totally different record label produces it.
  • partyy mouse's Greatest Hits, since partyy mouse sites make up the majority of letsago's sites

Another project titled letsago's SUPREMO Box Set has also been conteplated since lots of gangsta rap, new jack swing, and other R&B tracks featured in partyy mouse and heffer's mom sites by letsago are anticipated to be in this album.


  • Partyy Mouse (because of all his Partyy Mouse sites)
  • Heffer's Mom (homage to the Heffer's mom sites)


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