Cover art spoofs the official cover for the single release of Leonard Cohen's song Suzanne, but with some Goatse image fragments photoshopped in.

The Suzanne Remix Maxi Single is a maxi single released by Suzanne Records to have multiple remix versions of Leonard Cohen's song titled Suzanne.

Track listing

  1. P1ZZ4 GUY remix
  2. KHAN remix
  3. Mr. Krabs remix
  4. Open Sesame remix
  5. WBLJ 69.5 FM intro version [I]
  6. Songs From The Road live version
  7. The Goatse Song [G]
  8. Hello Goatse [G]
[G] This song is about Goatse, which is a shock site that alot of Leonard Cohen jokes are tied to, but these are NOT versions of Leonard Cohen's Suzanne song, though a YTMND user named Suzanne used to make alot of Leonard Cohen goatse sites in 2015 before they got deleted.  But rather, these tracks are BONUS TRACKS added so we can have some Goatse humor on this Leonard Cohen related product.
[I] Same as the unaltered version of Leonard Cohen's song Suzanne, but with an added intro using a jingle from WPLJ 95.5 FM from New York, but parodied as WBLJ 69.5 FM which YTMND user Suzanne made alot of sites about before they were deleted in 2015.

Fad references in this maxi single

YTMND fads

The first three tracks have taken soundbites from old YTMND fads, such as P1ZZ4 GUY, Mr. Krabs, and the most famous one of all, KHAN which is a Star Trek related fad. Although Moon Man isn't explicitly references, the AT&T Natural Voices Mike voice is used in the otherwise unaltered version of Leonard Cohen's Suzanne song which has a WBLJ 69.5 FM intro.

Snippets from The Picard Song also appear on the KHAN remix.

Other fads

A loud version of the song Fuck Shit Piss would be a "hidden track" after the Mr. Krabs remix.

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