Suzanne Vega, "mother of the MP3", and music pirate, Leonard Cohen, the goatse addict butt pirate, Peedee The Pirate, mascot of the ECU Pirates, and Suzanne Somers, pirate supermodel, all join forces to say that piracy isn't all that bad, so long as you root for ECU's team.

Leonard Cohen is the name of a meme started by Supremo Zanne. This meme would start off as a short-lived YTMND fad that would involve posting Goatse on YTMND sites that mentioned Leonard Cohen in the title.

Post-YTMND humor

After Suzanne quit YTMND in October 2015, she would find more censored ways to make Leonard Cohen look like a Goatse addict on social media. And has even gone as far as making Leonard Cohen look like an ECU Pirate, and would even make him look like he's Suzanne Somers' lover, since Leonard Cohen made a song titled "Suzanne" back in the late 60s, which lead to this idea.

Leonard Cohen would even appear on the album covers for SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK VOLUME 10, as well as Suzanne Roots For The Pirates Volume 3.

Currently, Leonard Cohen is going out with Supremo Zanne and believes heavily in free entertainment activism. When Suzanne quit YTMND, she started spending more time with Leonard Cohen going on dates to fancy restaurants in Greenville, North Carolina, and sometimes go to sports bars to root for the ECU Pirates.

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