Leonard Cohen and Suzanne in a hottub.


A parody of the What Is Love gif featuring a cameo appearance of Leonard Cohen, along with Suzanne Vega and Suzanne Somers.

Leonard Cohen is a recurring theme of sites made by YTMND user Suzanne. Presumably YTMND user Suzanne does this simply because "Suzanne is also the name of a song by Leonard Cohen himself.

Other sources point out that the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise was named after Suzanne Vega, whom some proclaim to be the "mother of the MP3", in which a knack for distributing MP3 albums from subsidiary Suzanne Records

Other songs by Leonard Cohen


Most occurrences of Leonard Cohen on YTMND almost always involve YTMND user Suzanne, of which this invokes an homage to Leonard Cohen's song Suzanne.


Alot of sites that mention Leonard Cohen also mention or feature images of Goatse. Unfortunately, YTMND sites that reference Leonard Cohen and his Goatse addiction tend to get downvoted.

The site Leonard Cohen's WHOAtse by YTMND user Suzanne made it to #7 on UP AND COMING in which brings allegations of Leonard Cohen's Goatse addiction closer to media attention with a YTMND front page. This Up And Coming accolade would lead to Leonard Cohen's song "Suzanne" being chosen for SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK which is a free MP3 album from Suzanne Records that has songs associated with Suzanne sites with high view or vote count which made it to UP AND COMING.


Some statements made in this section are only an opinion of the editor, since there is no real proof of the claim.

When the real Leonard Cohen passed away, Locke5 desecrated the grave of him. Not physically, but morally, since he downvoted an RIP sites on the celebrity, then left an insulting comment in another RIP sites about him.

After the real Leonard Cohen died, the goatse prank would largely end.

2016 death

Cohen died on November 7, 2016 (i.e. 11/7). Interestingly, this would be a numerical inverse of Suzanne Vega's birthdate (7/11)

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