due to technical limitations, the actual username is ldrancer, in lowercase.

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ldrancer is a YTMND user. This YTMND user was part of the Moon KKKrew at one time.

This user was formerly a member of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance.


influenced by:


  • users to be added


ldrancer has been known to complain about the jewish community in comments he makes on YTMND.

2016 threat to JohnnyLurg

In 2016, ldrancer PMed JohnnyLurg with a threatening message (site about the threat). This has raised many safety questions about being a YTMND member during this year.


  • Eldee Rancer
  • lanceform
  • rancid laserdisc
  • (simply just) Rancer
  • L. D. Rancer

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