Larry Craig is a politician who served as an Idaho senator between the years 1991 and 2009

This politician got arrested for lewd conduct in an airport bathroom in 2007, and some YTMND sites were made based on the news coverage of this incident.

YTMND sites parodying Larry Craig

(and more to come)


In 2007, Larry Craig had a scandal involving lewd conduct in an airport bathroom in Minneapolis/St. Paul. This lead to Larry Craig contemplating resignation from politics, but he insisted on being a senator until his term ended.

In some regards, Larry Craig's scandal may have an indirect connection to the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal that happened on YTMND. Some reasons regarding this involve the fact that Larry Craig has the same initials as Leonard Cohen, alongside Larry Craig having a spouse named Suzanne. Also, L stands for Lurg, as in Johnny Lurg, and C stands for Clinton as in SamuraiClinton, though Larry Craig's chastizing of Bill Clinton in the late 90s may also have something to do with it since Bill Clinton himself was also involved in a scandal of his own, the Lewinsky Scandal.

On March 1st, 2016, a YTMND site by a new user named SupremoZanne made a site titled Suzanne admits to alt abuse, and it used a photoshopped version of a screenshot of a CNN newscast where Larry Craig denies being gay. Also, a site titled NASTY BAD NAUGHTY BOY was made as a remake of a 2007 site by mcearlgrey that was about Larry Craig.

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  • Tricked Ya!, a fad where Larry Craig stars as the main character.

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