To read about JoshCube's history prior to The Suzanne Era Of YTMND, see this subpage for info.)

JoshCube is a YTMND user.

December 2015


December 7, 2015 screenshot of JoshCube alts on recently created.

On December 7, 2015, JoshCube (or maybe a person posing to be him) made multiple alts with JoshCube(insert number here) in them. The site titled JoshCube Forever for sponsored by psychedelicowboy that day. And several sites titled IMiss2006TMND: Insert name here were posted by multiple JoshCube accounts.

Its unclear if this site binge is by the real JoshCube (YTMND user), or is some other user who is fond of him.

On December 11, 2015, it was noticed that a user named JoshCubeReturns has started an account to continue on this JoshCube publicity stunt after max deleted users he labelled as "shitheads" on December 8 around 3 in the morning. It has also been noticed that user JoshCubeReturns has sponsored yet more sites.

It is likely that JoshCube may have spammed YTMND in December 2015 to stop trolls from slandering the Suzanne character since a pissed off user would report JoshCube for spamming, while Suzanne was trying to create an "alibi" during the time being. It is also likely that "JoshCube" may have simply just been used as a brand name for recent alts so that an anonymous user would use a well-known username from years ago as a tactic to protect Suzanne after being dox'ed during the ongoing Suzamurai Quentin Scandal. In some regards, this JoshCube incident may be treated as a "sub-scandal" of Scandal Q.

Aftermath of 2015 incident

Up and coming would become empty several days after max deleted JoshCube, along with JohnnyLurg, and SantabotAI.

On Easter 2017, when max started deleting accounts again, max started to assume that Suzanne was JoshCube himself in YTMND chat.

Because Locke5 complained to max about JoshCube spamming YTMND, Locke5 would forever be nicknamed "LockeCube".

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