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This image from the Evil Doug site by YTMND user Trapezzoid was the basis for User:JohnnyLurg's profile pic on Wikia.

Johnny Lurg is an Internet user who is ambitious with creativity. He is a loyal activist of both the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, and its competing activist group Nunica Internet Social Alliance. He also started his own activist group called Lurg Internet Social Alliance as a parallel universe, which lead to the "Nisa and Lisa" activism market.

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Mr. Krabs Pirate

Among Johnny Lurg's better known contributions to YTMND is the Mr. Krabs fad, which was originally created by pilleater on April 5, 2009 and popularized by Lurg within the next several months.


  • Lurg B. Johnson
  • Johnny Zurg

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