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The Intrepid YTMND Alliance is a special alliance on YTMND.

Recently, a record label named Intrepid Records was proposed.

IYA guidelines


The big three Intrepid principles:

  1. Effort is nothing, achievement is everything.
  2. YTMND is about fads, and embracing them.
  3. Vote based on the site, not the user.

How to identify a traitor of the IYA

  • whenever they downvote more than 10 sites in a row made by another IYA member, without a fair reason
  • whenever they argue rudely with users that they downvote (especially other IYA members)
  • whenever they don't show remorse for an insult they make to other IYA members
  • whenever they assist TEEOF with stalking other IYA members

Official fads of the IYA


  • simply, Intrepid Alliance

Themed on Chrysler cars on the LH platform

  • The Dodge Intrepids (a nickname devised by YTMND user Suzanne)
  • The Plymouth Accolades, because it was a planned name for a Plymouth version of the Dodge Intrepid that never made it to production, IYA activists have gotten UP AND COMING accolades before so which is another reason to have that name.
  • The Eagle Visions, because this group had a vision to believe in YTMND.
  • The Dodge Dynasty, not only because the Dodge Dynasty was the practical precursor to the Dodge Intrepid, but also because the IYA has a dynasty of activism.
    • The YTMND Dynasty
    • The Intrepid Dynasty
    • IntrepiDynasty
  • The Chrysler New Yorkers, because YTMND is based in New York City.
  • The 300 Masters, play on the Chrysler 300M name, also an homage to the 300TMND fad.
  • The Lucky Hero Squad, backronym on LHS, which is another Chrysler car.
    • or, the Lucky Heroes, since LH is the platform name the Intrepid was on.
  • Fun Fact: the names of the badge-engineered versions (as well as some precursors that also have Chrysler New Yorker variants) of the Dodge Intrepid were applied as nicknames due to their apparently coincident meaning to the IYA's belief system.

Intrepid Suzannex related slangs

With the SUSIE Quarantine in effect, these names would be coined.


Upper tier

Lower tier

Rejected members

User who voluntarily quit

  • ldrancer (BETRAYED THE IYA) he chose to quit membership, woman thinks he adheres to the third principle, but his downvoting of JohnnyLurg and Suzanne sites puts that claim into question)
  • jimmm (BETRAYED THE IYA) (he was caught leaking PMs to gr33nscr33n, but voluntarily quit)
  • mariostar06 (BETRAYED THE IYA), reason unknown, but his downvoting of Suzanne sites in 2015 could explain why.
  • rodheh (BETRAYED THE IYA)
  • lacrossestar83 (BETRAYED THE IYA, it has been suspected that he may have tried to expose Intrepid trade secrets as per his involvement with Goldberg Nation.)
  • poplaxs
  • Prairiedogeric10 (BETRAYED THE IYA)
  • TRM (whatever that stands for)
  • ReiHino (formerly redblade7) supports woman, Superdreamkilla, and Suzanne. Rei only accepts the third principle, not the first and second. Due to that and other disagreements, the Rei Hino Movement originally listed the IYA as "neutral" rather than "allies". But ReiHino had been getting some credit from the good IYA members for defending YTMND from TEEOF members (which Rei prefers to call "Featured Faggs"), and ultimately joined IYA on April 22, 2017. This user quit the Intrepid Alliance in September citing personal attacks and accusations levied against Rei Hino Movement allies, IYA members' demands for more activity on YTMND, and issues with code of conduct within the IYA (he was unaware of any special code of conduct when he joined).
  • DesertRanger (formerly Mumbo-Jumbo), he would be in the Intrepid Alliance in Spring 2017, and quit the IYA in Fall 2017 citing personal frustration over past drama. He's also failed to acknowledge any achievement he's made for good actions of his.

Users who got banned

  • Locke5, since he violated all three Intrepid principles, and exposed Intrepid trade secrets to TEEOF members, as well as expose personal info of other IYA members. He also stalked activists of the Suzanne movement, and let his vague stance against racism interfere with the safety of users on YTMND. Locke5 was also responsible for leaving a bad impression on ReiHino into looking down on the IYA for a while, so Locke5 also deserves a ban for that mischief.
  • palmsuger, since he wasted a slot in the Intrepid PMs

Users who turned down joining

Users mistaken to be IYA members

Unofficial Intrepid activists (or honorable mentions)

Note: This list notes users who aren't officially members of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance, but at least adhere to one of the three principles, but have full respect for the major members of the IYA as long as they aren't traitors.

  • JohnnyLurg, he mostly adheres to the 2nd principle, since he believes in fads on YTMND. He also has respect for activists of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance, and his voting also adheres somewhat to the 3rd principle. He was never an official member of the Intrepid Alliance, but rather a respected companion of activists of it, though he was officially labelled as a "member" due to woman thinking that Suzanne was actually him in 2015.
  • SantabotAI, a YTMND user whose username got deleted in 2015 over a JoshCube spam incident. He preferred voting based on the user, rather than the site, but at least adhered to the second principle of the IYA. He seemed to focus so much effort on making GIFs for his sites and wasn't exactly in favor of appearing on up and coming in which he didn't exactly adhere to the first principle. At least user woman was in favor of unbanning him during Operation SuzanneAI in 2015. SantabotAI had an impure style for the content in his YTMND sites which is one of many things that the Intrepid Alliance doesn't recommend.
  • Pichu, he mostly adheres to the third principle, but he prefers effort over achievement with this pichu sites, and adheres somewhat to the second princile since he only selects a few classic YTMND fads for his sites, but still respects YTMND and has no real grudge against any fads in general.

Fun facts

  • Susan Trepid considers the IYA to be a FREE ENTERTAINMENT activist group, though DarthWang doesn't officially confirm that testimony.
  • The IYA recruits activists based on attraction, rather than promotion.
  • The remaining activists of the Suzanne movement since the SUSIE QUARANTINE would all become members of the IYA in spring of 2017.
  • The attitude of Suzanne's concept of upvoting users no matter what, is connected to the 3rd principle of the IYA.
  • A major overlap of Suzanne activists, and IYA members would be one of many reasons why The Intrepid Annex Of The Suzanne Movement would occur. Along with other remaining Suzanne activists joining the IYA later on.
  • The Intrepid philosophy states that if you're against DarthWang (the IYA leader), you're against YTMND itself.


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