The Intrepid Records logo combines elements from the Dodge and Konami logos, along with their associated fonts.

Intrepid Records is the name of a record label that is part of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance.

This Records label was proposed by YTMND user Suzanne, and approved by Siouxzanne (aka YTMND user woman, a loyal member of the IYA). Basically, this record label started as a response to the initial intent to slap the Suzanne Records logo onto the album cover of Snakezanne's SUPREMO Soundtrack (later renamed to Siouxzanne's Intrepid Soundtrack).

During late 2015, this record label went on a long delay of development due to the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal. Then released an album in Winter, now the record label is proposing some albums for other Intrepid activists.

Future of Intrepid Records

Intrepid Records was originally intended as the "Intrepid" subsidiary of Suzanne Records, but since most activists of the Suzanne activist group have now become members of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance, Intrepid Records may become the new preference of name for future album releases relating to the future of Suzanne activism. However, the perceived duty for Supremo Zanne (aka Susan Trepid in the Intrepid Alliance) to pay respect to Suzanne Vega for being "mother of the MP3" could offer reasons to also use the "Suzanne Records" label name for future albums too.

Released albums

Proposed albums

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