I'm not ??? is a placeholder name that refers to a fad that started by YTMND user DrewPickles.

The premise of this fad involves the first two seconds of audio with gibberish, followed by (insert name here), then followed by three seconds of giggling. Another feature of this fad involves crapflooding the name LURG, some of the crapflooding is a printscreened sample of the mentioned user rooting for Johnny Lurg when crapflooding the name LURG, and other takes on this fad involve looping the name LURG with a checkerboard pattern alternating between purple and yellow, which is the color scheme for the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, which itself was derived from the ECU Pirates color scheme.

Sites associated with the I'm not ??? fad


Suzanne: YTMND user Suzanne responded to this fad as an publiticy stunt for making YTMND history

(more takes on this fad anticipated)

Reaction to this fad


A map of the northeastern United States with some confetti to represent the rival activist groups Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise (Suzanne) and the Nunica Internet Social Alliance (Nisa). Also has confetti reflecting the color scheme of the respective causes, as well as YTMND's color scheme for the "middle ground". Also has footnotes as warnings of the consequence for how one votes as a way to taunt users into voting higher. This was the image used for the Suzanne vs. Nisa site that was made in response to DrewPickles' first two sites on the I'm not ??? fad.

Suzanne vs. Nisa

This site was made in response to YTMND user DrewPickles making I'm not ??? sites about activist groups Nunica Internet Social Alliance (Nisa) and Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise (Suzanne). A map showing the respective cities these activist groups were headquartered in along with some confetti to match the different color schemes was placed there to grab the attention of those who clicked, as well as a rule of thumb on voting on sites as a way to taunt users.

After this site was posted, people were still downvoting Suzanne sites, and were still indifferent to the activism the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise tried to offer.

Fun facts

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