Greenville may refer to these following cities mentioned on YTMND:




"Greenville" was mentioned as a city in both Michigan and North Carolina in this image from the site Suzanne vs. Nisa, in which the towns of Nunica, MI and Salvo, NC were purported to be less than 300 miles away from a "Greenville" city, also that Nunica and Salvo were the respective headquarters cities of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance and Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise which are rival activist groups that had YTMND accounts at some time.

Greenville, Michigan is a town that is about 50 miles away from the town of Nunica, Michigan which is where Suzanne's rival activist group Nisa is located.

North Carolina

Greenville, North Carolina is a city in North Carolina that is home to the ECU Pirates, as well as East Carolina University itself. Now being suspected to be the city that gr33nscr33n caused bad traffic in while Leonard Cohen used Goatse to spot the bad traffic intersections. NSFW WARNING site that explains it

East Carolina University

  • Typical ECU, a site parodying "ECU" as "Electronic Control Unit", and

ECU Pirates

The ECU Pirates (see Wikipedia article) are a sports team from East Carolina University (See Wikipedia article)

YTMND user ecupirate, he even made a YTMND parodying ECU (see above).

YTMND user Suzanne is a fan of the ECU Pirates, and has even made a few YTMND sites to parody them with:

Other YTMND sites about Greenville


No other cities bearing the name "Greenville" have been mentioned in any YTMND site to this day.

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