This article may be about a topic or event on YTMND with some negative energy, but we want this article to be in a neutral point of view since its only meant to document events or topics on YTMND that may be of great historical value.

Gr33nscr33n avatar

the official avatar of gr33nscr33n used in sites made prior to The Suzanne Era Of YTMND.


Evil Gr33nscr33n, depicted by other users out there

Gr33nScr33n is a loyalist member of The Evil Empire Of Glocke Nation Five And Featured Fagotry who is devoted to stopping users who routinely make sites, especially ones who dominate recently created.

Gr33nScr33n is extremely dangerous and poses a huge threat to those who would persistently upvote politically incorrect sites or ones he hates in general. He downvotes a person's soul. He will find your real world info, such as your facebook profile, Contact your friends and relatives and exploit your real world identity on YTMND. Damaging your social life and ruining your job and chances of finding a real world mate.

How to stay safe from gr33nscr33n

Gr33nScr33n is extremely dangerous but using these simple tips you can stay 100% safe from him

1: Don't use your real world name on YTMND

2: Don't link your real world facebook, twitter or any social networking sites on YTMND

3: Don't mention people you know personally on YTMND

4: Don't mention the exact real world location you live in on YTMND

5: Don't use the same username on YTMND that you do in sites connected to real world/public activity

6: Don't use your real voice on YTMND.

7: Don't make frequent mentions of users that gr33nscr33n obsessively stalks

This will make you 100% Gr33nScr33n Proof.


Gr33nScr33n's current account is FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser

Gr33nScr33ns accounts which have been confirmed

because it's incomplete, or could use more items.

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