-Fukkie is a suffix that has been commonly used by YTMND user Suzanne to pay homage to DougFukkie while lampooning DougFukkie's series of I'm going to post this every day until you like it. series of sites.

The term "Fukkie" by itself is a play on the word Funnie, in which YTMND user DougFukkie was lampooning Doug Funnie from the Nickelodeon show (later Disney show) Doug.

Fukkie words

  • DougFukkie, YTMND user which introduced the -Fukkie suffix to YTMND
  • SuzanneFukkie, a term used to refer to YTMND user Suzanne's sites that parody DougFukkie's IGTPTEDUYLI sites.
  • IntrepidFukkie, a term used when the IYA DougFukks around.
  • AdvertiseFukkie, a term used to refer to the idea of lampooning DougFukkie's IGTPTEDUYLI series of sites as a silly form of advertising.

Nicknames with Fukkie in them:

  • LurgFukkie, because Johnny Lurg looks up to DougFukkie.
  • SueFukkie, because YTMND user Suzanne is a supporter of DougFukkie

Fun facts

  • This article is the 666th article on the YTMND Wiki.
  • Fukkie is a play on the name Funnie, which refers to Doug Funnie from Nickelodeon

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