FeaturedFagg was a YTMND user whose username is a parody of YTMND user FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser.

This user actually is the YTMND account of Featured Fagg & The Downvote Boys, a parody of late 90s-early 2000s boy bands, who sing parodies of songs popular at the time.

Original band members

The band consists of the following downvoters:

"Singing" consists of text to speech dubbed over the original song. The three singers apparently use the same voice, which is pitch-shifted in different ways, creating hideous-sounding off-key harmonies.


From a comment on user FeaturedFagg's first site:

Unfortunately we lost the rights to the original 1999 album, "Gay Goatse Gunk". ldrancer (lanceform), ismellpussy (penisform), and I can only release new material. We are working on new songs for our second album, "The Boys Are Fagg In Town". This new album will be released once we get enough faggy teen pop songs to be featured on the YTMND Up-and-Coming.

There seems to be little activity from the FeaturedFagg account, and no other discussion of an album release has yet surfaced.

Current songs

The songs usually begin with a brief introduction or story and, in what is likely an homage to Moon Man, the songs begin after the chant, "Gay Gay Gay! Gay Gay Gay! Gay Gay Fag!"

All of these sites are deleted and presumed lost.

Proposed song

A parody of Hanson's "MMMBop" (entitled "Max Boff") was planned but never completed. This was because the parodist could only think up the following lyrics:

"Downvoting all of redblade's sites, pissing off pilleater and Suzanne! Yeah! We're just featured faggs!"

"Cause we Max Boff we're Not Banned!"

Debate over inclusion of ismellpussy

YTMND user ismellpussy was included as a "member" due to his frequent downvoting. However, "featured fagg" has a negative connotation due to its association with stalker FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser. ismellpussy, while a downvoter, is a member of the IYA, which became the strongest opposition to FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser. So ismellpussy cannot be considered a "featured fagg" in that sense.

Even though the Featured Fagg & The Downvote Boys account is deleted (along with all its "songs"), it can be said that ismellpussy left Featured Fagg & The Downvote Boys and was replaced with a rejected IYA member (such as lacrossestar83, Prairiedogeric10, or Locke5)

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