A fad is a major topic on YTMND.

How a fad works on YTMND

This section gives an approximate idea on what fads are, so more work may need to be put into this section

  • if 3 or more sites about a topic get made by 2 or more users, though that sometimes depends on one's opinion.
  • when heads of celebrities or fictional characters, or inanimate object props associated with a fad are headpasted onto animated GIFs of movies, or TV shows, etc.
    • also, when soundbites associated with fads are put in place on certain portions of audio (e.g. songs, and movie audio)

List of major fads

Note: this list is for major fads from YTMND, if you want to look at a long list of any fads from YTMND, see List of fads on YTMND.

  • Fad (associated song/audio)

Fun facts

  • The majority of fads on YTMND occurred prior to the year 2007.

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