Facebook is a social media website.

YTMND sites about Facebook

Facebook has been a subject of criticism on YTMND since the Prezanne Era.

YTMND user SamuraiClinton used to make YTMND sites depicting his Facebook activity during the Prezanne Era, perhaps around the year 2012. It is speculated that all these sites depicting SamuraiClinton's facebook in 2012 and 2013 years of YTMND explains why max deleted all of SamuraiClinton's sites, alongside other users such as Nisa, kittyslasher and other weird users that were alleged to be "alts" of SamuraiClinton.

in 2015, FormerFeaturedFaggyUser (aka gr33nscr33n) has spammed links to SamuraiClinton's family on sites made by YTMND user Suzanne, as well as being replies to comments Suzanne made on other users' sites. This has lead to safety concerns on YTMND during The Suzanne Era Of YTMND. In late may of 2015, YTMND user Suzanne has imposed a moratorium on comments and new sites as a safety measure concerning gr33nscr33n's defamatory comments.

nicknames for Facebook

  • MyFace

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