Doxing is a term used to refer to the practice of exposing personal information.


Doxing has been a problem on YTMND since comments on YTMND cannot be removed, unless the site with their associated profile the doxing comment is on gets removed, or the user who posted it geta banned.

Users such as Johnny Lurg have been dox'ed by a user known as gr33nscr33n. Gr33nscr33n's dox'ing has lead to troll users to mock the users that gr33nscr33n has dox'ed.

The term, being DOX-SICK is a term that User:Rodanthe (aka former YTMND user Suzanne) came up with to refer to how prone to dox'ing somebody is. It is a play on the name TOX-SICK which refers to a book published by the real Suzanne Somers.


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