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1-6-16 DougFukkie

a January 6, 2016 screenshot of a search for "DougFukkie" on Google Image Search, reveals that YTMND user Suzanne's efforts of DougFukking around in 2015 have really paid off to make the Suzanne movement an integral part of DougFukkie's legacy.


This image was used instead of the fat nude dude from DougFukkie's typical sites when user woman DougFukked around.

DougFukking, or to DougFukk around is the concept of copying DougFukkie's antics of making I'm going to post this every day until you like it. sites, as well as parodies that take a similar approach even if their image is visually unrelated.

Note that not all YTMND sites made through DougFukking around always involve that nude guy, but rather the tactic has more to do with using "I'm going to post (noun) every (time unit) until (insert outcome here)".

Users who have DougFukked around

  • HumaNoiD, the first one to upload asset 108731 (the NSFW image of Derreck featured in the series of sites, but didn't actually DougFukk around.)
  • ExFurry, the one who started the I'm going to post this every day until you like it. fad before DougFukkie came along to popularize it.
  • DougFukkie, the DougFukker who popularized this tactic, which lead to Suzanne coining the term to DougFukk around in 2015.
  • pilleater, made similar sites titled "I'M GONNA POST THIS SITE EVERYDAY JUST LIKE DOUGFUKKIE DID"
  • woman, made sites titled "I'm going to post this every day until you accept reality".
  • RogerKlotz, made sites titled "I will post meatspin every day until we reach one million sites", sites made during the Million Site Hype
  • Suzanne, made sites with similar titles in an effort to root for DougFukkie to come back to YTMND in 2015. She even coined the term To DougFukk around, and DougFukkers.
  • SupremoZanne, made sites titled "I'm going to post Mr. Krabs every hour until midnight" in 2016

Other slang terms

  • ExFurring, since the now-banned user ExFurry made similar sites, actually the precursor to DougFukkie.
  • To post every day until you like it.

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