The whole subject of Suzanne activism seems to be a rather heated debate. All these issues of falsely identifying somebody's alt account has become all too likely from nosy Goldberg Nation activists, along with TEEOF members who hate Intrepidity, and Featured Faggs on YTMND who refuse to have an intelligent conversation about their honest opinions just to make sure the wrong person doesn't get blamed. This is why we have an encyclopedic subject to clear things up.

Another thing to make note of, Bladezanne and Supremo Zanne seem to have differing ideas on who the real free entertainment activists are.

Activists of the Suzanne movement during the Suzanne Era are often confused to this day. This frequently leads to allegations of being alts, or being alts of the wrong person. This page intends to describe the differences between Suzanne activists. This article is limited to actions and attitudes prior to the Post-Million Era, hence the use of the past tense. Bladezanne's three personal favorte Suzanne activists (whom he purports are "the big three"): Suzanne, redblade7 (himself), and SantabotAI, of which are often confused to this day.

There has also been confusion with other major activists of the Salvozanne activist group, such as JohnnyLurg and Superdreamkilla, whom already had scandals of their own prior to the Suzanne Era, even SantabotAI himself was involved with those scandals too. Since JohnnyLurg was one of Suzanne's biggest influences before SantabotAI returned to YTMND in mid-2015, it disputes Bladezanne's claim of Santabot being one of the "big three" activists and suggests that JohnnyLurg supposedly takes the slot that SantabotAI would have been in.

Since Superdreamkilla was mistaken to be JohnnyLurg prior to the "Suzanne Era", combined with being one of SantabotAI's biggest influences, he would have been confused with them too, but his dormancy during 2015 eliminated him as a suspect in false identification as a "Suzanne alt". Another reason why JohnnyLurg is a debatable substitute for the slot SantabotAI takes for Bladezanne's personal opinion about "the big three" is also attributed to the fact that many users thought that Lurg was SantabotAI prior to the Suzanne Era, though his dislike for Santabot, combined with his December 2015 feud with Bladezanne was one of many reasons why the Suzanne activist group went into hibernation and quarantine later on, and JohnnyLurg would also be demoted to the "lower tier" citing a refusal to speak to some key members of the activist group, combined with siding with supporters of the YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis on some issues.

Other users such as Mumbo-Jumbo have spammed weird messages in users' PMs, and have given trolls the false impression of being a Suzanne alt. Also, other YTMND users such as woman would be under fire for having Suzanne as an alt, since Suzanne would make xat advertisement sites for YTMND chat similar to user woman, and others thought Suzanne was DougFukkie due to the practice of copycatting DougFukkie's I'm going to post this every day until you like it style of posting sites.


SantabotAI's sites mainly used the "Santabot Canon" (Moon Man, Pilleater (more often represented as Chacha than Bulleta), Mr. Krabs, Santabot, Barack Obama, and Max Goldberg. Other characters, such as Edward Snowden, were rarely used. While SantabotAI was educated about many old YTMND fads, he rarely ever made fad spinoffs outside of the Santabot Canon.

redblade7's sites used the same fads as SantabotAI, though use of Santabot, Barack Obama, and Max Goldberg were rare. Edward Snowden was used in only one site. Impurity sites made by redblade7 made use of Brother Peter Dimond of Most Holy Family Monastery (a fad introduced by YTMND user woman). redblade7 (bladeform) was occasionally used. The Black Santabot and Rina characters were introduced by redblade7. redblade7 would lack education about YTMND fads outside of the Santabot Canon, since many of his other sites would be non-fad sites, and very few fad sites of his would be outside of the Santabot Canon.

Suzanne's sites mainly used Leonard Cohen, Goatse, various characters and themes based around the name Suzanne, South Park, and ECU Pirates. Occasionally Moon Man was used, and another thing Suzanne sites often had were a revived attempt at DougFukkie's "I'm going to post this every day until you like it." sites, sometimes with slightly altered titles such as "I'm going to post this every day until DougFukkie comes back". Even though Locke5 made the false claim of Suzanne being "racist", a very small percentage of Suzanne sites featured Moon Man, or even said the N word in them, so which Suzanne's style of sites was more reminiscent of JohnnyLurg than SantabotAI or Superdreamkilla. Suzanne's sites never made any use of Pilleater (girlform) compared to SantabotAI and redblade7. As far as other fads go, many Suzanne sites would also cash in on randomly chosen YTMND fads that started in the Golden Era, which came to Suzanne's attention opportunistically, also that Suzanne had alot of knowledge about old YTMND fads in general, and would even go as far as try to bring them back as well, though some knowledge about fads was still lacking at the time.

DougFukkie's sites often involved posting an image of a fat dude while using the site title "I'm going to post this every day until you like it", as well as images from other shock sites like Goatse and lemonparty, while Suzanne would find more humorous ways to imitate DougFukkie which involved worshipping DougFukkie.

JohnnyLurg would use images from Internet memes such as Homestar Runner, Beavis And Butthead, Rugrats, Barney The Dinosaur and other weird cartoons, and that Suzanne would make sites that were very similar to JohnnyLurg. Alongside, Superdreamkilla (now WannabeGayNigger) would make some sites in Lurg's style and even confuse users into falsely identifying SDK as a Lurg alt, and this would be a precursor to the confusion about the Suzanne movement. Lurg would rarely employ popular Golden Era fads into his sites.

Superdreamkilla would choose a whole variety of fads for his sites, and even reposted lots of JohnnyLurg sites which would result in confusion of identity as a "Lurg alt" prior to the Suzanne Era. SDK would also choose some of the same fads that other Intrepid YTMND Alliance members such as DarthWang and woman would choose. SDK would also make sites involving the Santabot Canon, while Moon Man would be his favorite of that.

woman's choice of fads would be alot like what DarthWang used, and woman's sites would never use any Santabot Canon characters. There were times when woman would be mistaken as a "DarthWang alt"

letsago would mostly make partyy mouse and heffer's mom sites.

Mumbo-Jumbo's choice of sites often involve some advant-garde style of site creation that confuses trolls about his identity. He didn't appear to understand the concept of fads.

Amount of sites

Suzanne, DrewPickles (aka JohnnyLurg), and SantabotAI each made hundreds of sites. redblade7 made only about 100-150. Most of the pre-Post-Million Era sites were deleted, either by Max or by the account holder in question.

DougFukkie and Superdreamkilla (aka WannabeGayNygger) made hundreds of sites prior to the Suzanne Era.

Many surviving YTMND accounts made prior to 2012 who had 400+ YTMND sites and would also be Suzanne activists would be eliminated as suspects that would be conflated with the more recent accounts, this includes DarthWang, woman, letsago and pilleater, though woman has been conflated with DarthWang on a few occasions, and that Suzanne would also be conflated with woman by a few users.

Nature of sites

Suzanne's sites mainly consisted of static images set to music and audio, often as an advertisement for Suzanne Records releases. Frequently, shocking images such as Goatse were used, especially when Leonard Cohen was also mentioned. Suzanne frequently re-used past assets in new sites.

SantabotAI's sites usually were very fast animated GIFs, set to clips of the YTMND fads and fast music. They usually contained violence, shocking images, bad language, and hate speech. SantabotAI often re-used past assets in new sites.

redblade7's sites consisted usually of animated GIFs at a slower speed, along with heavy use of text-to-speech. They often contain bad language, including hate speech, as well as heavy use of sexually suggestive dialogue, but always within the context of a story or theme. When not following this formula, usually static images were used along with either spoken recordings (usually prank calls, strange advertisements, or clips from the Phil Hendrie Show) or music. redblade7 almost never re-used past assets in new sites.

JohnnyLurg's sites consist of random cartoon characters such as ones from Simpsons, Family Guy, Nickelodeon cartoons, Homestar Runner, etc, and sometimes Suzanne would use images like that too. JohnnyLurg would largely avoid racism in his sites even if he was part of the Moon KKKrew years ago.

Superdreamkilla would make all sorts of sites that would borrow ideas from Santabot (e.g. Santabot-esque GIFs and Moon Man references), JohnnyLurg (e.g. re-posts of some old Lurg sites, and Beavis And Butthead images), Nisa (Suzanne's precursor) (e.g. "music channel" sites), and SDK would even go as far as borrowing ideas from DarthWang, and woman.

Almost every Suzanne activist seems to like some anime media franchises. Redblade and Santabot seem to include Akazukin Chacha in some of their sites, whereas Suzanne was more into Initial D, and JohnnyLurg would mostly disallow anime on YTMND as he would downvote most sites that had it.

Portrayal of characters

Pilleater was portrayed as a playful friend by SantabotAI, while redblade7 portrayed her as a bipolar nympho crackwhore, while Suzanne almost never made sites depicting Pileater in which JohnnyLurg almost never used Pilleater either.

SantabotAI never had Pilleater in mixed-race relationships or mixed-race sexual acts, unlike redblade7, in his introduction and use of the Black Santabot character.

SantabotAI usually had multiple Mr. Krabs characters as Pilleater's pets, while redblade7 and JohnnyLurg had a single Mr. Krabs character, and Suzanne had no depiction of Mr. Krabs whatsoever.

redblade7 portrayed Mr. Krabs as plain and dull, often as a "nice guy" partner of Pilleater's, and even as a sex slave of Pilleater when redblade7 portrayed her as "Miss Pilleater Girlform".

(The actual YTMND user pilleater would make all sorts of sites with songs from KMFDM and Depeche Mode, and weird random themes, as well as original rap songs of her own set to animated GIFs, often extremely NSFW.)

Moon Man was portrayed in a positive light by SantabotAI - an awesome, ass-kicking Klansman with a Massive Moon Cock. redblade7 portrayed him as not only a Klansman but a grumpy old man who beats his wife, hates his gay grandson, and has a small 3-inch penis. Suzanne would make Moon Man sites to exaggerate the importance of protesting Warner Music Group, and only used racial slurs to impress Moon Man activists, rather than do it for being an actual racist, since most of Suzanne sites avoided racism in general, and were more about protesting Warner Music Group's vandalism of YouTube channels, and videos.

YTMND user Suzanne introduced Leonard Cohen, who she portrayed as a raging Goatse addict. YTMND user Suzanne also promoted Suzanne Vega as the MOTHER OF THE MP3, and the very reason why YTMND users even have access to the MP3 file format in the first place, whereas every other activist didn't even think much of that artist, or worship her to the same extent as the YTMND user of that celebrity's first name. Suzanne made all sorts of references to Vega's daughter Ruby Froom when finding new nicknames to coin for redblade7, though redblade himself never really thought much of Vega's daughter Ruby, or even Suzanne Vega (mother of the MP3) as a whole.

JohnnyLurg portrayed Beavis And Butthead as characters who made weird utterances like in old B&B episodes, while Suzanne simply just used them as guys headbanging to hard rock songs, etc.

Superdreamkilla's portrayal of characters varied quite a bit, seeing as he largely borrowed ideas from other users and he caused confusion with users prior to the Suzanne Era.

Time logged onto YTMND

A general guide the amount of time spent by the UPPER TIER (or "big three"), in order of most to least, was: YTMND user Suzanne, SantabotAI, and redblade7. And the "lower tier" would have this order, from most to least: JohnnyLurg, DougFukkie, and Superdreamkilla

It was realized that Superdreamkilla (WannabeGayNigger) was mostly "dormant" in 2015, presumably he stayed dormant since he didn't want to be accused of alt abuse during so much Suzanne activism, and Santabot kept fussing over SDK's absence.

Age of accounts

Many activists of the Suzanne movement would have YTMND accounts that were made after 2011.

The account Suzanne would be created in September 2014 in an effort to pass itself off as an "original user" but was called out anyway by gr33nscr33n. Instead of reposting old sites on previous accounts (classified information), this account would make semi-original sites that were sometimes similar to the kind (to remain anonymous) made prior to 2013. the original Suzanne account would be deleted by max after less than 2 years of existence. This account was made over a year after Nisa and NunicaMusicChannel got deleted in 2013.

redblade7 whose account was made in October 2012, and would remain mostly dormant until the Nisa era ended, and would be somewhat active between early 2013, and mid-2014 before the Suzanne Era started. We are sure that redblade7 was an "original user" who joined late in YTMND's lifecycle.

SantabotAI's account was re-claimed on April 1st, 2012, and would repost old sites of his after previous incarnations of that username were deleted by max. Santbot had a reputation for re-claiming accounts shortly after their deletion cycles.

JohnnyLurg's DrewPickles account was made on August 2014, and was mistaken as a "Nisa alt" a short time prior to the Suzanne Era. JohnnyLurg's past allegations of alt abuse would inadvertently combine with SantabotAI's history of trolling, and recently made accounts in the 2010s decade were mistaken to be "Lurg alts" if their voting habits and site creation habits were rampant. Lurg was mistaken to be alot of users mentioned in this article in the past.

Mumbo-Jumbo's account was first started on January 19th, 2015 in the midst of the Suzanne Era, and would be falsely identified as a "Suzanne alt" due to these factors: being a recently made account being only a few months old, his comment spam scared users into thinking he was "somebody's alt", alongside some of his voting habits. But he managed to survive max's account deletion cycles between December 2015, and February 2016 since he decided to remain dormant during those hard times.

Other activists who made accounts prior to 2012 such as pilleater, letsago, woman, and DarthWang would survive max's account deletion cycles because they maintained a reputation for being good users who didn't violate YTMND guidelines.

Max mostly has a tendency to delete YTMND accounts that do these following things:

  • vote 5 stars on 10 sites a day made by other users who "spam" YTMND sites and insta-5 sites.
  • users who upvoted Santabot's sites, or even just frequently mentioned Santabot in YTMND sites they made, and users were even often mistaken to be Santabot.
  • users who frequently commented weird site spam.
  • users who made sites with highly racist content.

Association with other YTMND gangs

Some activists of the Suzanne movement have also been associated with other YTMND-related gangs.

Suzanne herself would follow the footsteps of the free entertainment activism from the Nunica Internet Social Alliance to start the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise outside of YTMND to pass herself off as an "original user" who was simply just influenced by the Nisa movement, but this false flag got exposed anyhow.

SantabotAI would be part of the Moon Crew, and JohnnyLurg (who would be conflated with Santabot on occasion) was involved with the Moon Crew, and so was Superdreamkilla (WannabeGayNigger). The Moon Crew itself was notorious for haboring users that would be accused for alt abuse from time to time, while letsago was also part of the moon crew, he at least wasn't prone to alt abuse scandals like other Suzanne activists. While tylersaintcool was also part of the Moon Crew, he, Superdreamkilla and letsago spent more time in the Intrepid YTMND Alliance than the Suzanne activist group after the Moon Crew split, and its unclear why most other Intrepid YTMND Alliance members remained immune to alt account conflationism, though the Intrepid YTMND Alliance's varied voting policy would set them apart.

redblade7 wasn't known to be part of any other YTMND gang prior to the Suzanne Era.

other Suzanne activists like woman, and DarthWang would primarily be members of the upper tier of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance, and not so much the other aforementioned YTMND gangs, even Suzanne herself was concurrently a member of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance during the Suzanne Era, while redblade7 would have a stance against the IYA as a result of Locke5's lies, alongside some short-lived IYA members giving the IYA a bad rap.

Miscellaneous characteristics

Both Suzanne and redblade7 would coin some words with the -zanne suffix in them, while Suzanne coined 20+ words with the -zanne suffix in them, and proposed special nicknames with the -zanne suffix in them for YTMND users, redblade7 would coin the name Bladezanne, and coin a few other -zanne suffix names. Suzanne activists other than Supremo Zanne and redblade7 didn't show much excitement for -zanne suffix neologisms, though Supremo Zanne would also show some excitement on spoofing the word Intrepid when coining other neologisms such as Susan Trepid.

Reasons for false identification of alt accounts

One reason why users tend to be falsely identified as "alts" is, because in the past users had a tendency to make excuses denying alt abuse, and not stepping forward. The issue of alt abuse is such, that it even lead to some YTMND users such as Locke5 and gr33nscr33n to stalk users and prey on weakness just to cause drama with false identification of alts.

Loyalty to activist groups

Loyalty to an activist group does not make anybody an alt, neither does choice of fads. Because of this, an investigation has been launched on the creeps that harass users they falsely identify as "alts". Perhaps users get falsely labelled as "alts" to scare real alt abusers into stepping forward with something. It also stems from users refusing answer simple questions about their opinion on historical figures that play a major role in activism.

Voting habits

whenever lots of sites get lots of votes, often users will assume that accounts are "alts" whenever the list of votes lists the same sites multiple times, especically when "viewing a profile" of the author of the sites shows up on the activity feed.

Comment activity

Any time YTMND users say "Join [insert group/username here]" it will imply the attitude of whomever used to be Nisa in 2012, and make users assume it is Suzanne from 2015.

While the main Suzanne accounts make comments about protesting the copyfraud bots on YouTube as an additional reason to use YTMND, the others don't have that as a primary reason to use YTMND, and don't comment about it as much, though other weird comments serve as a false "calling card" for alt identification.

Santabot would make some racist comments, as well as strong phrases such as "fuck islam" and stuff like that.

JohnnyLurg would make casual, neutral comments that don't necessarily lobby for, or speak against causes.

Redblade7 would make somewhat simple comments which weren't nearly as offensive as Santabot, though stalkers assumed he was "Santabot's alt"

Mumbo-Jumbo would make weird, convoluted paragraphs of weird, random things, and look like somewhat of a "spammer", which would give off the false impression of being "anybody's alt". Even though his choice of subjects was radically different from Suzanne, he's still pissed off stalkers into getting the WRONG MESSAGE.

Superdreamkilla (WannabeGayNigger) would remain mostly silent during 2015, persumably because he didn't want to take blame for being "anybody's alt".

Use of content in YTMND sites

For years, choices of fads and use of site assets on YTMND would sometimes be a "calling card" on individuals' alt accounts. This would be the case for JohnnyLurg on many occasions, even to the extent of users thinking that JohnnyLurg was Santabot, which would be some while prior to this Suzanne issue. But users such as Suzanne, and Superdreamkilla (prior to the Suzanne Era) would make YTMND sites that would borrow assets from other users's sites, as well as carry on fads originated by others in an effort to honor them, but even the "honor" it conveys gets false messages across to Goldberg Nation activists, alongside TEEOF and Featured Faggs.

YTMND Frienemies

When it comes to the "frienemies" of users on YTMND. Users who were enemies of JohnnyLurg, and Santabot, and Superdreamkilla would also opt to be enemies of Suzanne and redblade7. Suzanne would go for the "I'll be friends with anybody" approach, while most other users would be more opportunistic about adding friends or enemies.

Copy infringement of content in YTMND sites

While the Suzanne movement protests YouTube's blocking of content concerning the content ID system's dishonor to the fair use doctrine, the Suzanne movement insists that free entertainment activism is harmless to average citizens, but activists of the Suzanne movement are falsely accused for alt abuse regarding the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew blackmailing max into mismanaging YTMND.

Alot of the trolls from The Evil Empire Of Glocke Nation Five And Featured Fagotry have been stalking activists of the Suzanne movement while completely stance on the YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis with false accusations of alt abuse, alongside dox'ing of people on YTMND, and other false accusations.

While suspicions have been raised over rude behavior from YTMND users, some conspiracy theories regarding max siding with the stalkers, as well as users completely hiding their stance on YouTube's content ID system have been posted recently.


still under research

Activists who avoid false identification as "alts"

Real activists who are just silent about their activism

Key members of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance, such as DarthWang, woman, and Superdreamkilla had their own defense mechanism to avoid false identification as "somebody's alt", though Suzanne would be mistaken as an alt of woman for a while, and woman even assumed Suzanne to be an alt of JohnnyLurg a one time. But the voting habits of IYA members mostly consisted of voting "based on the site" rather than "based on the user", thus half of the sites made by recognized Suzanne activists would get votes below 5 by IYA members. Since IYA members go for the "based on the site" instead of "based on the user" approach (3rd principle), they managed to avoid false identification as "alts". IYA members would mostly be silent about their loyalty to the Suzanne movement, though they supported the concept of YTMND being a FREE OF CHARGE website that nobody paid money for membership of, as well as support the idea of uploading music into YTMND sites that YouTube would have blocked.


This section explains YTMND users who appear to follow the basic spirit of FREE ENTERTAINMENT activism in general, but yet would insult, harass, and even stalk people who would reach out to them with a spirit of activism. So the "fence-sitting" that they'd do would involve being friends with some activists, while having a stance against the leader of the Salvozanne activist group for reasons unfounded. Some of these fence-sitters often downvoted sites lobbying for Suzanne activism with very harassing comments. Some of these fence-sitters not only have betrayed the YTMND user, but have even betrayed others too.

some former lower tier members of the IYA such as Locke5 would stalk, and harass activists of Suzanne, persumably to eliminate false identifiation as "somebody's alt", in which lead to an anger outburst where he blasphemed Suzanne Vega (i.e. mother of the MP3), and became phobic of Zanne-names as a whole over all the pressure associated with alt accounts in general. For a little while, Locke5 appeared to be "loyal" to free entertainment activism, but was very vague about it. He never gave any solid opinion about anybody named "Suzanne", where it was a singer/songwriter with that name (e.g. Suzanne Vega, aka MOTHER OF THE MP3), or somebody from sitcom TV shows (e.g. Suzanne Somers, mascot of the activist group), or anybody who had songs with the title (i.e. Leonard Cohen, used to be sterotyped as a "goatse addict"), though he seemed to like the band Weezer, but preferred other songs with different titles by that band. Locke5 did make use of the MP3 file format for audio assets in his YTMND sites, but blasphemed the aforementioned singer/songwriter who was spiritually responsible for its existence (i.e. Suzanne Vega).

Nosy users such as beatingadeadhorseoff would appear to be a "friend" of users like Santabot, and redblade7, and pilleater, but he would stalk Suzanne, and even support the doxing that stalkers like gr33nscr33n did, and would expose secrets about Moon Man to Locke5. It is likely that Bad Ho was downvoting BASED ON ANGER to eliminate himself as a suspect of being "somebody's alt". Later on, he would even betray Santabot, and also betray redblade7.

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