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asset id: 6655927 portrays Suzannakin (DarthWang) having a lightsaber battle with Luka (Suzanne), in which YTMND user Suzanne is working his way to have more sites than DarthWang someday.

DarthWang is a YTMND user who has been on YTMND for a long time.

DarthWang is known to have over 3,000 sites on YTMND, in which he has more sites than any other user.

On February 4th, 2016, YouTube user Supremo Zanne, former YTMND user Suzanne has started to remake some DarthWang sites as YouTube videos, through Operation YouTube MND.

DarthWang has made all sorts of Darth Stapler sites.

Other nicknames

  • Darth Dynasty (homage to the Dodge Dynasty which is similar in some regards to the Dodge Intrepid, also noting the IYA)
  • Darth Intrepid (hes an activist of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance)
  • Darth Vader
  • DarthWhang, it was realized that a celebrity named Suzanne Whang exists, after the name Suzannakin Skywalker was coined.
  • Skyzanne (a way to consolidate the "Suzannakin Skywalker" name)
  • Skytrepid
  • Suzannakin Skywalker (because DarthWang is a Suzanne activist)
    • Suzannakin Skytrepid
    • Suzannakin Whang, play on the name Suzanne Whang, of which the existence of this celebrity lead to yet a new play on DarthWang's name.
    • or simply just Suzannakin
  • WangChung
  • WangVader (because Darth Vader was the first "Darth Anybody" name to come to pop culture)
  • Whangzanne (another portmanteau word coined to pay homage to Suzanne Whang, alongside YTMND user Suzanne)
  • DarthWarden (as per his interest in Chad Warden sites)

Fads of choice

  • more to list later


Influenced by:


Mutual influences (or unsure who influenced who):

victim of a Spring 2017 hostage crisis

In Spring 2017, max would delete alot of accounts, DarthWang would become a hostage of Locke5 causing drama of making outlandish comments in a site that DarthWang made about this account deletion event. Locke5 would constantly bitch about Suzanne causing alt account drama when it was Locke5 himself instigating that drama of bitching about it in that site DarthWang made. Since Locke5 had no real proof of Suzanne abusing alts since 2016, this would put DarthWang's safety into question.

Since Locke5 was banned form the Intrepid YTMND Alliance since winter 2016, it is likely that Locke5 denied ever being part of the IYA, possibly because his paranoia was too severe to admit any outlandish attitude he had that aroused suspicions of him being a threat to activists of the IYA.

While DarthWang questioned Locke5 about his stance on the YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis, Locke5 failed to give a straight answer, and since free entertainment activists are still suspicious of Locke5 being in favor or Warner Music Group holding YouTube users hostage over copyright content, maybe Locke5 made DarthWang a hostage for similar reasons, but it is unclear if that is so.

On May 8, 2017, suspicions have aroused that DarthWang's account has been hacked by Superdreamkilla, along with many other old accounts. This would add insult to injury after DarthWang got questioned about alts by Locke5.

When DarthWang made a site to prove that his account wasn't hacked, Locke5 would start to conflate Suzanne with Superdreamkilla, and that DarthWang would call Locke5's bluff on the anti-alt drama.

Fun facts


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