asset id: 734002 as seen in this series of sites.

DOUG FUNNIE HOMO DICKS is a type of YTMND fad that involves repeating use of assets 734002 (animated gif) and 2451927 (Doug Funnie's song "Banging On A Trash Can", download link). This series of sites has been started by DougFukkie, and continued on by some other users.

This series of sites was repeated by DougFukkie many times prior to DougFukkie's I'm going to post this every day until you like it. series of sites. However, DougFukkie's IGTPTEDUYLI series of sites had different audio assets while using the same Lemonparty-esque dude and title.


This series of sites often involves repeating use of assets 734002 and 2451927 (as mentioned above) which has been prone to downvoting.