Clip cluster is the name of a fad that started on Neo YTMND.

This fad involves taking various short clips from old music videos, and having them play as multiple discrete GIFs on the screen as a cluster, hence the name of the fad. Clip cluster sites can also involve taking clips from movies that the songs were featured in, alongside other things featuring the song.

Music videos adapted

  • Subdivisions by Rush
    • original version, this one started the whole fad, and it broke the record for having the largest total filesize of any YTMND site @ 166 megabytes of content
  • lightweight version, this one made to appeal to an audience who didn't want to suffer the long load times of the original
  • ultra lightweight version, this one only using only 2 simultaneous GIFs, one tiled, and one hidden, to appeal to users who want a quick load]
  • and more examples after this one

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