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Black Santabot

Black Santabot

Black Santabot is a text-to-speech YTMND character created by redblade7 on September 1, 2015. He is the antithesis of Moon Man: a politically correct, multicultural, left-wing communist revolutionary.


In redblade7's 2014 site MISS PILLEATER GIRLFORM'S DUNGEON!! (NSFW ;), redblade7 left the following comment:

I'm about to swing YTMND in a new direction.

Moon Man will be pure Satan, Pilleater Girlform as a total crack whore, and wait till you see what I do with Santabot.

I'm also considering developing Brother Peter Dimond as a separate character, kinda like how you and Girlform became interchangeable.

I hope Suzanne and other activists will join me.

Upon revisiting the site in 2015, redblade7 forgot his original intention for Santabot. However, he later thought of making Santabot the opposite and enemy of Moon Man: politically correct, multicultural, tolerant, progressive, and communist.

However, redblade7 was concerned that the distinction between the fictional Santabot and YTMND user SantabotAI would become blurred and lead to misrepresentation of SantabotAI's political views. During a series of private discussions, it also became a concern that while redblade7's sites consist of the characters generally treating each other badly or getting violent with each other, traditionally Santabot and Moon Man are friends.

redblade7 then decided to rebrand his proposals for Santabot as a new character, "Black Santabot", who consists of the original Santabot image with a skin color of black instead of white.


Black Santabot is a stereotypical radical leftist - pro-choice, atheist, anti-Christian, supporting multiculturalism and diversity, tolerance, political correctness, illegal immigration, LGBT rights, etc. He is also a communist, chanting "Che Che Che!" (as opposed to Moon Man's "KKK!").

Black Santabot has replaced Christmas with "X-Mas" and has his own X-Mas Carols. He also can control the weather, and has made snow rainbow colored in support of LGBT rights, and also has changed the shapes of icicles to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa candles.

Tension between SantabotAI and redblade7

Redblade7's portrayals of Pilleater as being romantically and/or sexually involved with Black Santabot has created tension between Redblade7 and SantabotAI, who considers this as "crossing the line" in terms of respect for Pilleater. Redblade7, however, continues to stand by the Black Santabot character.

Character inspiration

Black Santabot's inspiration comes from mainly three sources:

  • 1-900-909-RAPS, a commercial from the late 80s/early 90s, featuring a black Santa rapping with an all-black cast of elves and reindeer, where one would call "Santa's Rap Hotline" to "share Santa's hip-hop holiday".
    • An early unreleased working draft of the original site from April 2015 was to be a rap battle between Moon Man and the black Santa from this commercial rather than Santabot.
  • A 1997 Phil Hendrie skit entitled "Elves are Slaves". Phil played a black civil rights leader named Yamall Leonard, who was arrested for distributing pamphlets at schools saying that Santa Claus was not only a myth, but a racist myth, due to the fact that the elves receive love and care despite being unable to leave the North Pole, similar to the portrayal of slaves in minstrel shows. Like Moon Man, Yamall Leonard refers to "Clauschwitz" (Yamall was comparing the North Pole to a "Holocaust of Elves"). Also, Black Santabot "sold" all his elves to the Chinese Communist Party.
  • The Richard Bergis prank call Gay Day. The two DJs prank call Mr. Bergis, pretending to be from a local gay and lesbian organization, were promoting a ballot referendum to have a local "Gay Day", which would be "a day to celebrate all our gay brothers and sisters". Black Santabot declared that "all snow will be rainbow colored, to celebrate all our LGBT brothers and sisters"
  • Two weeks after the introduction of Black Santabot (and months after the unreleased prototype from April), South Park would debut the character PC Principal, a white hipster who uses harassment and violence in an attempt to promote political correctness and tolerance. It is uncertain whether the creators of South Park plagiarized Black Santabot, but PC Principal continues to be an inspiration to the character of Black Santabot regardless.

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