The April 2017 YTMND Account Deletion Event, casually referred to as The Easter Krystallnacht would be an event that happened on midnight of April 17, 2017, but started on April 16, 2017 in YTMND history when max started deleted several YTMND accounts.

This event would happen when either Locke5 or Omicron2 contacted max when they got pissed off about multiple accounts being created on YTMND.


Users who requested account deletion

Surviving users who got attacked as a result of the event

  • SusanTrepid, Omicron2 downvoted comments of this user since he didn't see the good side of the user.
  • ReiHino, also got called out by Locke5 for abusing alts, since Locke5 has a tendency to automatically blame him or Suzanne (which this user was even conflated with Suzanne on other occasions) just whenever alt abuse in general seems to go on for any reason, even when there is no hard evidence of user involvement
  • DarthWang, since sites that he made regarding this event and some others that happened not too long after would be littered with outlandish, accusatory comments Locke5 made.

Other names for this event

  • The Easter Krystallnacht

Conspiracy regarding this event

4-17-17 would be the date this event happened. Since this event had such an unlucky outcome, 4 - 17 = -13, so the "-" sign in 13, which itself is an "unlucky" number would indicate the negative energy that Locke5 had bitching to max about Suzanne having alts without proof. So the other 17 in the date number would refer to the cue (or "Q") that max gave to Susie to back off from YTMND after he viewed SusanTrepid twice. Since Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet, that's why number 17 got included in this equation. But since this could be part of an conspiracy to scare Suzanne it was worth noting.

Also note, that since 417 (allusion of April 17 in this conspiracy) was the number for the freeway upgrade that Ontario Highway 17 (allusion of 17, as in 2017) had going through Ottawa, Ontario, its part of a highway that used to be numbered "17" which went between Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (whose name sounds similar to "Suzanne Marie"), and Montreal (which is where Leonard Cohen was raised as a kid). And since the name "Soo Locks" near the Canadian and American Sault Ste. Marie cities sounds like the phrase "Sue Locke5", that could explain Locke5's lack of respect for all people named "Suzanne" since it sometimes cuts off ship traffic from Lake Superior to be able to get to Montreal, since the Edmund Fitzgerald also had a fad of its own on YTMND prior to the Suzanne Era.

Since Ottawa also happens to be the name of the County that Nunica, MI is in, when referring to some NunicaMusicChannel account that got squatted shortly before the event, also note that highway 231 intersects with Leonard street, as well as Lincoln street, and then ends at highway 45, since Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States on the month Leonard Cohen died, this could also play a role in the event.

And while this account deletion event happened on the month of April, April was also the name of the AVGN's spouse, and was also the month that James Rolfe the Angry Video Game Nerd's first child was born. This account deletion event would also be an infamous time when lots of elephant feces sites were deleted, seeing as those sites took a snippet of an AVGN quote, along with its sister fad raw eggs which was also part of the Rocky episode of AVGN.

Rei Hino's birthday, according to the Sailor Moon box sets, is April 17. Max deleted all but two of YTMND user ReiHino's alts.

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