Alex Jones thumbs up

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a talk radio host, Internet journalist, documentary filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist.

Notable achievements


Alex Jones debates Piers Morgan, 2013

  • Breaking in to the 2000 Bohemian Grove festival (an annual summer vacation for political elites) and filming that year's Cremation of Care, a Druidic-themed performance piece (or an actual pagan ritual, in Alex's view)

Alex Jones on YTMND

Jones has made heavy use of Internet marketing to spread his message, including through his news sites Infowars and Prison Planet.

Naturally, this has made Alex Jones a popular fad on YTMND. The oldest site to use a GIF of Alex Jones is ALEX JONES PARANOIA POWER HOUR, created in 2005. One week later, Alex Jones Masterful Impression was the first site to use his voice.

Post-Golden Era

Since the Prezanne Era, woman is the main user associated with Alex Jones material, frequently using clips from the Alex Jones radio show and Alex Jones YouTube material in her sites.

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