Alborghett'd is a microfad started by xcxc during The Suzanne Era Of YTMND in 2015, xcxc used the brazilian politician "Luiz Carlos Alborghetti" Screaming "AH VÁ A MERDA PORRA!", it was continued by theman1223354 and Suzanne .


Like the Rickroll, and Mangione'd, Alborghett'd usually tricks the viewer into thinking they'll see something else, but instead see a picture of Luiz Carlos Alborghetti Screaming his "AH VÁ A MERDA PORRA". It was started by user xcxc with the site you're a 60s kid if you remeber


you're a 60s kid if you remeber (original site)


The used Photo for alborghett'd fad.

Everybody gets Rick Roll'd!!!. (continuation by theman1223354 )


Elect FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser for US President! (by Suzanne)

Kawkawlin, MI nuclear disaster of 2015 (by Kawkawlin)

New episodes of Ren And Stimpy will air on Easter 2015 (by RogerKlotz)

The Mackinac Bridge COLLAPSES and leaves hundreds of people dead! (by Mackinac)

Salmonella outbreak in Teay's Valley, WV leaves thousands dead as it spreads to Charleston, VW (by ScottDepot)

A new freeway bypass for Escanaba, MI has been proposed! (by Escanaba)

A tanker truck explosion in Sault Ste. Marie causes flooding! (by Menominee)

Gr33nscr33n gets raped by Chino prisoners! (by Suzanne)

Friedberg and Seltzer will release more "comedy" movies in 2015 (xcxc deleted it)


This fad ended shortly after it started, because its likely that all these Alborghett'd sites may have been a possible cause of the Ban Suzanne fad which followed shortly after. It is likely that detractors blamed Suzanne for it since they aren't use to seeing similar sites being uploaded in less than 6 hours on recently created.

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