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Adriana is a microfad started by YTMND user redblade7 as part of a comeback attempt in early 2016. It is based on a bizarre spam email popular in the early 2010s, its associated credit card scam, and two YouTube videos made in response.

Adriana is believed to be the first fad of 2016 (the first two sites were released on January 27). Since this fad had less than 5 associated sites, it is considered a "microfad". Unlike most other YTMND fads, this fad doesn't have any specific icon for "headpasting", or any recognizable short soundbite for fad spinoff audio.

The spam

A spam email from "Facebook" would claim to have a message from a friend named "Adriana".

Some e-mails didn't contain a message, just a link supposedly containing nude pictures of Adriana.

Others were accompanied by a message, with numerous amount of misspellings, claiming to be from Adriana, a 22-year-old former Facebook friend, who couldn't find you on Facebook and decided to try e-mailing you instead. Making matters worse is her laptop, a piece of garbage which constantly freezes.

A long time ago on Facebook, you told Adriana that she was cute and you wanted to "chill" with her, but she was dating at the time. Now Adriana is single - and she's moving near you! Adriana then describes her sign, interests, and her kitty named Boo, then immediately changes the subject to how she is horny, watches porn, and loves sex.

Adriana is looking for a job, and wants to know if anyone nearby is hiring. She would love to work in a bar, but unfortunately is forced to work from home as an adult webcam model to pay for her college expenses. She figures she is horny anyway, so why not get paid to get naked and play with herself?

Adriana's boss Natalie gives her three codes every month for free access to the porn site. Because Adriana is your friend, she has decided to give you one of her "VIP codes", begging and trusting you not to share the VIP code with anyone else. Otherwise, she'll kick you in the balls, instead of lick you in the balls, when she sees you.

The e-mail then gives you the URL to her Web site. No code is provided, but the URL varies between messages.

The scam

Once the victim goes to Adriana's Web site, they see a poorly-designed pink dating profile and a chat room window, where Adriana asks if you saw her message. If you sign up for the site within 5 minutes, you can supposedly chat with Adriana and see her naked. In order to sign up for the site, the victim fills out credit card information and e-mail. The victim's identity is now stolen and now receives more spam than ever.


YTMND users claim to be victims of Adriana, posting articles, comments, and ripped YouTube videos about the scam and containing the spam email. The story is often changed; sometimes Natalie is the scammer.

The original site is called Adriana's Revenge!, and the second called GET LAID IN 24 HOURS...GUARANTEED! Both sites were based on videos posted to YouTube in 2013. While the second site was posted first in the WhoaChiquita account, it was the original site in an Adriana-specific redblade7 comeback attempt in February 2016.

There are also Adriana TTS sites based on Adriana's Revenge, with Adriana portrayed as a computer with Microsoft Mary's voice (lower-mid pitch on Speakonia).

Association with Ashley Madison

One of the two original Adriana sites contained the audio track from an ill-fated 2013 YouTube podcast called "Spam Junk Mail", in which two kids read the Adriana message, laugh at the e-mail's numerous misspellings and the associated Web site.

The second part of Spam Junk Mail involves two other spam messages by "FamEstate". This was a phishing site impersonating Ashley Madison, the dating site for cheating spouses, made famous years later when information on customers and fake profiles was leaked.

One of the FamEstate messages read in Spam Junk Mail offered "MILF Speed Dating Invitation" (hence the YTMND's subdomain), while the other mentioned cheating spouses.

For this reason, the Natalie character is often described as a MILF.

A terrible fad revived?


The MILF Speed Dating Invitation ad was discovered on a 2016 Backpage post

Adriana was not very good "as a fad" especially since the spam was several years extinct by then. Additionally, the WhoaChiquita material was deleted shortly afterwards, and the account ultimately banned by Max in the April 2017 YTMND Account Deletion Event.

However, in June 2017, a variation of the "MILF Speed Dating Invitation" spam was found on Backpage, a classifieds site famous for scams, prostitution, and sex trafficking. The Miami area ad was dated January 2016, and featured text similar to the e-mail in the YouTube podcast, with a different URL and a photo of the MILF.

The Backpage ad was, along with clips from Spam Junk Mail Episode 1, integrated into Sailor Khan & The Intrepid Scouts.

YouTube videos

YTMND sites


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