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The Abandonware Wiki is the former YTMND wiki. Its 672 articles contain a wealth of information on YTMND's Golden Age.

At one point the Abandonware Wiki was down for about a year with no alternative existing. YTMND users feared that the crucial material on the Abandonware Wiki would be lost forever.

The Abandonware Wiki was eventually reopened. However, activity on the Abandonware Wiki was low, and new account requests were being ignored.

The new YTMND Wiki was eventually created on the site Wikia. redblade7 coined the phrase "abandonware wiki" to refer to the old one.

As of December 2015, more than 100 articles have been transferred from that Wiki to this new one.

In 2016, the Abandonware Wiki would be shut down. Then it would be available again. There are still some articles from that wiki, that this wiki needs as of yet.

In late 2016, alot of articles that had their wiki text copied from the Abandonware Wiki to this one would start to have subpages so they could be archived as well as add more articles to this wiki.

Wikis for YTMND

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