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4th universe
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PTKFGS, YesYes, YTMND, What's Next?
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‎The 4th Corner, or 4th Universe, is the most hotly contested of the corners of a YTMND image. While YTMND itself takes the upper left-hand corner, and PTKFGS took the upper right-hand corner, the third and fourth forms only had the bottom two corners to work with. YesYes soon took the third corner, leaving the lower left to be taken. However, nothing materialized, due to arguments between YTMNDers about what it should be, and the lack of lines from the same scene from Finding Forrester. To this date, the fourth corner still has new things made of it.

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Of all of the fourth corner variants, CRAPTMND has gained popularity as a potential fourth universe, despite it being a fad full of Intentionally bad MSPaint recreations of YTMND fads. There is also You Have The Manners Of A Goat, You let me take it on this one 'cause you're too scared to walk out the door and do something for somebody else and Heh, of which the latter arguably has the best chance at being the fourth universe, as it is from the Finding Forester scene and is the only other thing Connery says in the scene. However, some people may consider the 'Heh' as part of the 'Yes...yes!' part of the trailer scene. Another example of a 4th corner taken from the Finding Forrester scene is Typing Noises, playing off of the only remaining sound in the trailer being the background noises of the young author typing on the keyboard of an early typewriter.

The official 4th corner has yet to be named, although according to the truth about the fourth corner, the 4th corner is a multiverse, suggesting all 4th corners are official. Some 4th corner sites are combinations of multiple universes.


Collection of 4th corner watermarks


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