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... joins Suzanne is a series of YTMND sites purporting some random celebrity or other user joining the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise.


While the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise was struggling to find activists, YTMND user Suzanne was formed in hopes to get activists. Some users of YTMND became Suzanne activists (and/or supporters of the YTMND user as well). But YTMND user Suzanne has struggled over the months to get any FIVE STAR sites. So, in hopes to get people to upvote more, the ... joins Suzanne fad started for more hype for the free entertainment activism of the Suzanne movement.

Sites were basically made, not necessary because all the mentioned celebrities, or other people actually joined the Suzanne movement, but rather those celebrities were sometimes mentioned just as a way to taunt detractors into thinking that Suzanne is a powerful activist group. Thus some examples of whom they were will be listed below.


Made by YTMND user Suzanne:

Made by YTMND user DrewPickles:

  • keatonkeaton999 joins Suzanne
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic joins Suzanne
    • [1]
    • audio: altered to say "hi I'm Al I like [Suzanne]" (edited)

(More fads may be made over time)

Parodies of this fad

Self-parodies where Suzanne and similar names are "switched"

Sometimes similar names like Susanna, Susan, Susie (or with Q in it) are part of random celebrities mentioned in these sites.

Other parodies

See also

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