Apparently pages can be prevented from further re-creation, so now we know. hahaha

!!! NOTICE !!!
The page you were looking up has been REDIRECTED to this page to prevent further editing. Apparently Wikia doesn't have a tool to ensure permanent red link articles, so we made it a REDIRECT, and protected that redirect since that is the closest method available for the level of security that would come from permanently preventing further recreation of an article with the title.

In the past this wiki has had issues with some YTMND users feeling embarrassed over mentions of their names, or the events they were involved in to be mentioned on this wiki, so we eliminated some articles to curb the backlash this wiki got from some pissed off users on YTMND.

We are deeply sorry so much drama happened to mandate security measures like these.

Common reasons why the redirected article was protected from editing

  • Racism
    • but this depends, since a tad bit of racism like Moon Man is somewhat ok, but extreme racism is not.
    • Also note that the definition of "racism" from some YTMND users seems to vary, while even vague ideas on what constitutes racism have been in too much dispute to allow misbehavior.
  • Defamation of character
    • Some YTMND users don't even want to be documented on this wiki, and real life people shouldn't be documented here either.
  • Because sometimes page titles entice too much harassment, or illegal activity
    • Because of backlash over YTMND-related ideas, and we want to keep the wiki safe.

And try not to take anything out of context. Safety is not 100% guaranteed, as says the Mullet Man.

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